The Fields of My Heart

South Beach

Twenty one grams of soul
Red dripping icebergs
Through the empty streets of my life

Lingering memories
Are silently starring passengers
In the vessel
Sailing across the fields of my heart

The sounds of the quiet
A colorful cloak
To insulate me from my feelings

Loose golden chains
Shattered across
My world to this glimmering nightmare

Unreasonable wisdom
Is my castle that drowns
In the quicksands of my sunken hope

A world set on fire
As I watch the waters rise
The melody that feeds my breath

And the echo of my heartbeat knows
You’re the construction of my cells
Your gaze written
In each and every scar of my soul

Your sweet taste
A dancing light on my blood
My hope and despair
Held tightly in a forgotten room of my soul

in every waking moment



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