Can the power of social media counterbalance the power of financial institutions?

How much control do our politicians still have? Isn’t the old saying that money rules the world more true than ever before? And if so, is there anything we can do to stop this? A way to restore equality of rights? A way to bring back morals, ethics, reason, humanitarian aspects into political and financial decisions?

The world is held captive in an economical crisis that seems to have found a rhythm of its own, a dynamic that keeps the spin going. Politicians worldwide only re-act instead of acting. And while there seems to be no way out of it, people in each and every country more and more question the power of financial institutions.

The question is can we gain back control over financial institutions and stop their abuse of power? Can we restrain those who seem to think that they are the real leaders of the world, and that there is no law that can’t be bypassed and broken? Was the occupy movement maybe trying too much too fast? Is there a way for a peaceful “revolution” bringing together the people in all countries of the world to stand up for one cause?

We, a small group of civilian citizens from four different countries are right now trying just that. We ask ourselves:
Can the power of financial institutions be counterbalanced by the power of social media?

We have met on facebook and twitter. Brought together initially by the shared interest for Patricia Cornwell, the crime writer’s blog Stranger Than My Fiction  about her lawsuit against Anchin, Block and Anchin and its unbelievable twists and turns did light the spark of of our new and unusual idea.

We set out to bring to life an online petition claiming equal rights, justice for all, and a fair trial for Patricia Cornwell. It came natural to us as the writer is always encouraging, engages herself for those in need who can’t be heard and interacts with her fans on a daily basis.

In less than a week we set up not only the petition letter in English, French, German, Italian and Chinese but also created a website for signing and an accompanying facebook page Fans Supporting Patricia Cornwell’s Fight For Justice. We tweet the links on twitter and try to raise as much awareness as we can. We try to get people to join in our fight.

To our knowledge, fans acting like this to support a celebrity so far is unseen. It is due to social media that this might stand a chance to work. How else could we attract international attention from the first day of campaigning?

And while our hearts and souls are in the case we are very curious how far this will take us as it might be a sign of what can be done when people unite to gain back control.

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