Do We Succeed By Pure Will?

A road to travel.You can achieve all you want. You just have to believe.

How often do we hear this when things go wrong, when we doubt, when disappointment overwhelms us and turns our hope into weakness. A well meant advice but hard to take when we hurt.

And how wonderful if it were true, and this fantasy of being almighty when it comes to our own fate were a sweet reality. But is it?

Of course, there is truth in it. If we don’t believe we get nowhere. Our ability to succeed often is a state of mind because our firm belief in achieving our goal is what makes us take the risk to fail. It makes us get up and dust ourselves off and smile and try again. And only if we take enough risks and fail often, we can succeed in the end.

BUT there is no guarantee, and maybe we won’t.

To believe is not enough. To try and believe is not enough either. To try, to swallow failure, to try again, to swallow… may be enough, it may be not. But at the end of the day it might be not so neccessary to succeed like to have traveled that road.

And many times it can’t be done alone. We need reinforcement. Sometimes we even need someone who wakes powers that sleep within without us knowing.

Things ganging up on us and failing that one time too many can have even the toughest on his or her knees, not finding the strength to get up again. It can make you doubt in a way that you conclude whatever you wanted so badly is not meant to be.

You try to let go but then there’s that hole within you that swallows parts of your personality until you finally hardly recognize who you are. It might even eat you in a way that you go all numb, depression takes over, and you become one Sleeping Beauty.

OvergrownA hundred years asleep, the castle overgrown with thick bushes, its thorns firm and sharp, it takes a very special prince or princess to save you. One who walks through the bushes unharmed, makes them crumble and fall, opens all doors and windows and airs out your heart and soul. Someone brave who is not afraid.

No, we are not almighty, and willing – no matter how firmly – won’t make us. But believing and denying to be defeated by failure takes us far, maybe even much farther then everyone else thought possible.

So, if you see someone down, take a breath before you tell that person that success is only a question of will. Be brave. Be a prince or a princess. I’m sure you can.


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