Into the Deep (of Emotions)

With half of my life behind me, or even a bit more, I may be old or old-fashioned or just too old to understand. To me it seems some things got lost, things I remember to have been natural. While relationships have never been easy, I wonder haven’t we been more outspoken?

In Berlin it’s no different from what I saw in New York City or Paris or London or…wherever. People work. People struggle. People pretend. Especially the young are so lonely that it breaks my heart because they think they have to be cool, and in the process are way too cool to show their feelings.

Tell someone you love him or her? Don’t. The other one might think you are crazy or needy or just not able to make it on your own. Tell someone you are hurt? Don’t. The other will make a note of your weak spot and might use it against you one day. Cry because you are sad and need a shoulder to lean on? Don’t. The other one will shrink away thinking you are way too emotional.

How did we get there?

How did we come so far that we turn to novels and movies to bath in the feeling of love? Why do we have more friends on Facebook than in the town where we live? Why do we swim so hard on the surface afraid of drowning when we should take a dive into the deep of emotions?

Like icebergs we drift through life, our edges so sharp that everyone touching us cuts him- or herself. We radiate a chilling cold while we are so beautiful to look at. We are too afraid to open up, and too afraid to get under someone’s skin to find the core. But if we are too afraid to melt at the end of the day won’t we only be lonely?

What do we have to lose?

What? Except our limitations?

So, the next time you find yourself crying under the shower wrap up in a towel, step out and throw yourself into someone’s arms.  When you’re hurt let the other one know. And when you feel this beautiful flutter in your stomach and the world stopping to turn take a deep breath and just say it. It’s okay to be afraid. There’s nothing wrong with fearing rejection. Remember, love won’t find you if you don’t open your heart.

Don’t be an iceberg. Be an island.



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