Love Is Not Safe

How deep is your love? Do you open your heart? Do you dare to face the fear that comes with allowing yourself to love? Do you walk into this frighteningly dark room where you let someone love you?

What is it that makes us so afraid of the one thing we want like nothing else in this world?

Maybe the answer is simple: Love is not safe.

Deep in our bones, solidified in the course of many phases of evolution we strive for safety. We live in fenced-in houses, establish video surveillance of our private property and put up with it in public areas. When it comes to traffic we’re inventing automated driving because we’re sure technology provides more safety than even the most responsible and experienced driver. We accept data surveillance on a high level, and think this way we’ll be safe from terrorist attacks. Some even arm themselves in this terrified need for protection.

And then you meet someone who makes the lights go brighter. Who you want to touch so desperately that you’d die for it. Who you know gets under your skin so deep that this one will be in your flesh and tissue and blood forever and a day.

And then you run.

Because this is love. And with love come heat and passion and longing and insecurity and desire and jealousy … and fear, so much fear.

No, love isn’t safe. And chances are that you’ll be hurt. That you’ll get wounds, and they’ll be scars that will never heal. That your heart and soul will be crippled for life.

Love can be your worst foe, your ultimate nightmare, your killer. Yes.

Love is not safe. And you can never be safe with someone you really love and who you allow to love you.

But have you lived if you never walked into this fear?



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