The Electricity of Fear

wpid-Photo-16.02.2013-0845.jpgYou shook me to the bones

Broke my heart, broke my soul

But Can I walk from all the pieces

That have once been me


Try to put them back together

Try to mend what cannot heal

Because the one who lives right on the edge

Must be prepared to bleed


And all the cracks and all the shards

Reflect the light in rays too bright

And everyone around gets blinded

By the ashes of that sight


So I can try to get out of my skin

But can I really not be me

Can hide my heart far from my sleeve

Cover the hole and smile beneath


But who am I now to deny

Just where I want to be

When every cell in me just screams

When I can never leave


And when I feel you like the light

The light, the light that moves the night

When you are right here in my blood

And you are all the air I’ve got


So I can try to tame my voice

And petrify all that is me

But still the lion roars inside

Still hurt soars all through me


So in this noisy quietness

In the electricity of fear

Can you tell me where to turn to

Can you quiet the despair


Can you take care of that longing

That is eating all of me

Can you listen, can you notice

Can you for a moment just see me


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