The Void

The void. The void … left. How to let go of a void? A riddle I can’t solve.

On a remote island far from any ship route.
If … won’t come back to save me, I’m lost forever.
In …’s eyes.

…’s eyes.

Captured me.
Took a hold of me.
Let to all of me want all of …
For what I saw in those eyes.

the depth
the soul
the heart
the vulnerability
the tenderness
the gentleness
but also
the child
the rascal
the hurt
the pain

I wanted to put myself in front of …
Into the storm until the wind changes.
Place a net in torn times.
Turn on the runway lights in lost nights.
Row the boat through white water.

But … didn’t want me to.
I misread the signs, my heart blindfolded.
The heart that would not change its mind.
It doesn’t have one.

I felt complete.
Just looking into those eyes.

Now .. is gone.
But not gone.

I try not to remember the swimming eyes.
Try to cover the wounds with reason.
Soothe the heart with logic.
The heart, the heart that will never change its mind.

And only in the dead of night I admit how much I wish there’d be only one day I’d look into those eyes once again.
And how much I fear the day I’ll hear … passed away.


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