Things We Do For Love

How far would you go for what you believe is your huge happiness? For who you believe is that missing part of you? For the one and only?

Would you kill, steal, beg and lie? Would you say „to hell with all consequence“? Would you listen to your heart even if all common sense and reason would scream „NO!“ ?

Or would you be afraid?

These questions I’ve been asked by that 15 years old daughter of my friend. And what by first inspection seems so easy to answer somehow isn’t. As soon as I started reflecting on possible consequences I realized how quick we are to answer „I’d do anything for love“ when all honesty knows we wouldn’t. Not always anyway.

We love and fight and lose interest and stop fighting. We let every day life eat away our passion and then think it’s too much to bother. We go that far and then stop and think „what the heck, I can always find someone else, and anyway I’m better off alone than in that state with him/her“. We seperate and try again only to fail at the very same point in the evolvement of our relationships again and again.

At the end of the day we just don’t make enough of an effort.

So, what does it take? What can cut off all selfishness of us? What shuts down reason and gives all power to the heart? What is it that makes us walk to that cliff blindfolded and jump without fear?

I can’t say for you or you or you. I can only speak for myself. And I don’t know if we are all very different while we are very much alike or vice versa. But for myself I can safely say it takes



Sounds too easy? It isn’t. I rarely love. But when I do it runs deep. And I only do when I feel that no matter what this one person is safe in my heart and no one else  can reach there.

So, would I leave all and everyone behind? Would I sacrifice things that seem dear to me without even feeling the loss? Would I say „you’re the only one“ and risk it all? Change my whole life? Start anew? How far would I go?  What would I do?

Anywhere. Anything.

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