A Heart Capsized

You’re the end of me and my beginning
You’re my past, my future, my present

The breath that fills my lungs
The blood that floods my veins
The tears that drown my heart
The light that dances in my eyes

You’re my all, my nothing
My heart, my mind, my soul
You’re all I am and all I lack
My meaning, my philosophy and my religion

Your eyes the sea, your voice the moon
A flame as eternal as a song
Your voice my heartbeat, a wave on the tide
And the song, the song, the song is you

You scared me, you scarred me
You let me live and make me die
You’re all there is and all there will be
The light and the dark, the height and the abyss

Your signature inked
Engraved in my skin
You’re with me forever
Unchangeably with me

Whatever it takes, oh
Whatever it takes
So that you live
Just so that you live

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