Continental Drift

I am an island. Sort of out at sea, but that sounds like a fishing vessel without engine, the sails torn, and no captain aboard. Somewhere far out on the ocean. But this is not me. I’m not adrift – am grounded.

Am not a lonely island, on which one can ignite fire for fire that no one ever sees. No, there is a lighthouse and a safe harbor. Friends berth, stay for a while, move on and visit again later.

Sometimes I’m a holiday resort, sometimes a Spa, at times even a party zone. The weather changes fast, the way it is when it comes to islands. Seasons come and go.

And maybe somewhere out there exists another island of which the coastal line fits mine perfectly. But to find each other some „Continental Drifts“ are neccessary- and who knows if I’m not drifting right now…

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