Love Letter

I love you
All of you
And I can feel
You tense now

But it’s true
All of me loves all of you

Not just your
Brilliant mind
Breathtaking wit
Glittering humor
Vast kindness
Luminous generosity
Burning silence
The firm line of your jaw
Depths of your eyes
Curve of your lips
Tenderness of your gaze

Not just
All that is
So easy to love

All of me
Loves all of you

The broken you you hide so well
The bruised and bloodshot soul
The capsized heart
The lurking fears
The roller coaster moods
The loneliness in that dark far off corner of your soul

All of the damaged you you don’t want anyone to know about

All of this you and more
I love

Because I can
Because I want to
Because I’m solid

You Are
To me



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