The Good Thing about Heartbreak

IceIt’s a good thing to get your heart broken. It’s even better if you got lost in a one way street where you’ve never been meant to be in the first place. No?

In the course of a long life our hearts break more than once. Be it some talent we lack for a thing we desperately want to be, the loss of dear ones, the blows fate strucks us with or simply the one who doesn’t love us back.

It takes time to heal. Always. It’s never easy to pick up the pieces and put them back together. Every heartbreak leaves cracks and scars on our soul. But it also makes us who we are, and if all goes well it even makes us a better person – step by step.

But what if we can’t mend? If our heart fractured in so many tiny pieces that no matter how hard we try we just can’t make them fit? What if someone got so deep under our skin that we can’t pull this person out, and that one happens to be the one who got away but we can’t forget how this one human being made us feel?

Is this particular heartbreak still a good thing?

I honestly don’t know. And if someone out there has the answer, please tell me. I’ll gladly listen, even if you only have a theory and no proof to go with it. Because so far I just stare into the empty void of not knowing, amazed that my inner voice of wisdom refuses to speak. And I wonder if maybe, just maybe the answer is quite simple. If the good thing about that is just this:

Stop trying to forget and start to remember.


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