Is Always Being Tough So Smart?

BodyYou can achieve anything. You just have to will it and be persistent. Only the tough ones go far. Don’t cry, fight…

The mantras of our time. And while of course most of this is true should we deny that there are drawbacks? Some of them even so severe that we have to bow to the mighty and do some disappearing? That even superwoman and superman sometimes crumble, despair and cry?

What is so wrong about being weak for a moment or two? Before finding back your brave, dusting yourself off, getting up and going on? What makes you think you always have to be such a tough cookie?

Is it fear? The fright of showing that weak spot and in doing so opening up and making way for getting hurt… again?

And yes, out there are the sadists who’ll do just that. But then, they seem to have that awfully good nose for weakness. They sniff it out anyway. And being sadists they don’t stop before they see you on your knees.

AuthentizitätSo, not having much to lose the question is what can you win? Here come the good news: A LOT! You don’t think so? You doubt?

Just for the blink of an eye imagine yourself, showing your hurt, admiting you don’t know how to go on because you can’t take any more of those blows fate hands out so lavishly. What do you think will happen?

You’ll be human. A whole human, not one who cut off some of its personality, closed a door to feelings and went stony dead in certain places. You’ll be a complete and perfect human being with all sets of emotions. But that’s not all. No, baby, you’ll be in for a surprise.

Showing your hurt will make path for the revelation that you’re surrounded by people who can bear sadness, hurt and even despair with you. It will open the door to more intense encounters with others. It will provide the possibility for a better understanding, more closeness and so the chance for deeply felt honest love.

Now tell me, isn’t this worth the risk?

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