The One

How to survive when that fragile soul, so frayed at the edges, and the tormented heart come undone? Fall to fragmented pieces you will never be able to put together again?

When it is like jumping, head first, into an ocean of shards, slicing, cutting your skin? When you are nothing but raw flesh and bleeding?

When time is not your friend, and wounds will never heal, not even turn into scars?

When the one is barely aware of your existance? But all of you, each and every cell says YES to that one?

The one, that is the wind beneath your wings, the lost part of your soul, the air you would kill to breathe. Who is in your blood. In whos eyes you have seen yourself. And there is nothing you ever wanted more. But no matter how your feelings overflow, you can never let show. You have to leave unsaid, unspoken.

But you know you can try what you want, you cannot get away from that one. The one, that managed to touch your heart, mind and soul where no one else ever could get to. Who opened a door you had completely forgotten you closed so many years ago. You had even forgotten it existed.

There was no light leading the way to it, not even a path, still the one walked that mile. Walked it as if the one knew. Found that door that was overgrown, the hinges rusty. Opened it with just one breath. And now it can never be closed.

It is the place where you are without any protection, all naked and to be destroyed with just the wink of an eye. And the echo in that room will always whisper the one’s name.

The one who found you. Saw. Touched. Gently. Carefully. Did not shy away. Did no harm. Did not hurt. But shook you to your soul.

How are you to get away from that one? The one who is all over you? And onto you? Who holds you without chains? Who keeps you without touch?

The one you would carry through the fire, you would face every storm for, and frighten all enemies away.

And maybe, maybe one day you can breathe again. And you can pretend that one day you will love again. But then, you know better…

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