My life has been through a typhoon
I’ll never be the one I’ve known
And though I know I can’t have you
I recognize I can’t let go

You cast amazement onto my soul
Some puzzled knowing walks in my heart
So filled with feeling I can’t contain
Bursting with all that can’t be said

I cannot eat, I cannot sleep
I cannot breathe, see how I bleed
I’m not myself since I met you
My greatest fear, what if you knew

I guard myself but in a way
My fragile eyes give me away
There are no words, I can’t reach out
When it comes to you I am too bound

I feel too much, I am in pain
You’re my lost soul, I could just lay
My head there on your breast and be content
With all you are, and me in your hands

And if I’d die right here and now
While you are near and hold my soul
I’d never fear, I’d not be cold
I’d be just yours, my heart you hold

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