The Consistence of my Blood

1500 kilometers without a plan. Just a general direction. Going West and South. Driving 1500 kilometers to meet someone? I didn’t think about it along the way. I had given up thinking months ago. This was my vacation. One I badly needed but also one I had no clue about. I didn’t know how long …

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The Writer

That strange mood that a lonely evening at the lake can put me in when the sun choose to set in yet another spectacular way and a warm quiet wind stirred gently. The evening, one of the last of a summer that was too short, one that already hints of autumn. That mood that comes …

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The DNA of Friendship

What exactly is friendship? How do you realize if someone is a real friend or just an acquaintance? And what about our so-called friends in the virtual world? Friendship has to be cared for. Often, friendship is complicated and means work. Even for couples it is tough to survive crisis, but friends don’t even have …

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Continental Drift

I am an island. Sort of out at sea, but that sounds like a fishing vessel without engine, the sails torn, and no captain aboard. Somewhere far out on the ocean. But this is not me. I’m not adrift – am grounded. Am not a lonely island, on which one can ignite fire for fire …

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