Fear Is No Argument

Here I am, in this rather unfamiliar place. I’ve come this far and now I stand at the age of the cliff blindfolded and don’t know if I’m able to jump. All of a sudden I lost my selfconfidence. All these years that I’ve worked and learned and strived to become the writer I yesterday

Can the power of social media counterbalance the power of financial institutions?

How much control do our politicians still have? Isn’t the old saying that money rules the world more true than ever before? And if so, is there anything we can do to stop this? A way to restore equality of rights? A way to bring back morals, ethics, reason, humanitarian aspects into political and financial

The Writer

That strange mood that a lonely evening at the lake can put me in when the sun choose to set in yet another spectacular way and a warm quiet wind stirred gently. The evening, one of the last of a summer that was too short, one that already hints of autumn. That mood that comes