Is Happiness a Choice?

You can always be happy if you want to. You just have to choose that the glass is half full instead of half empty. You only have to think positive.  Be optimisitic, and all will be okay…. Search the internet, and you will find uncountable sites with affirmations that promise to make you a happier

Quantum Entanglement

A dawn that won’t break A day that won’t come A move she won’t make The chain not undone A decision she’ll never take Consequences on the run Hope as frail as a flake Burn the bridge, hold your tongue A chapter unwritten All pages unturned Two souls unforgiven Suspended in love    

When Death Wins

When we lose someone dear it affects different parts of our life. It teaches us a thing or two. It shifts our perspective on life. It might even change who we are. The last two months I accompanied the slow death of my mother. I saw her slowly fade away, and had to take decisions

The Emotional Roller Coaster Ghost Train

Life is a persistent thing. The human body can be old and sick since years, the soul and mind unwilling to live on, the person eating and drinking so little it seems impossible to keep the spark of life simmering… Still death has to battle and struggle hard to win. It’s scary to watch, so

Looking Death in the Eye

Death is part of life. Maybe the part we fear the most. So, what happens to us when we can’t ignore its existence anymore? When we have to deal with losing a loved one? When it’s our own mother and death bares its teeth, letting us know “you’re next in line”? How can we cope?

Is Always Being Tough So Smart?

You can achieve anything. You just have to will it and be persistent. Only the tough ones go far. Don’t cry, fight… The mantras of our time. And while of course most of this is true should we deny that there are drawbacks? Some of them even so severe that we have to bow to

Following the Beduine’s Trail

Can you go into the desert and come back unchanged? What will you find even if you’re not looking for anything? What kind of experience will it be? The wind coming from the desert mountains and racing across the open fields is more a storm than anything else. It blows you sideways, carries so much

The Desert’s call to a Beduine’s Blood

The desert is calling. In fact, it’s calling me since many years, since in childhood days I heard some tales of my great-grandmother, that strong and secretive woman who refused to unveil her past. I remember one day seeing a picture of her and thinking, with a sharp intake of breath, “this is how I

The Fields of My Heart

Twenty one grams of soul Red dripping icebergs Drifting Through the empty streets of my life Lingering memories Are silently starring passengers In the vessel Sailing across the fields of my heart The sounds of the quiet A colorful cloak Knitted To insulate me from my feelings Loose golden chains Shattered across Binding My world