The Fields of My Heart

Twenty one grams of soul Red dripping icebergs Drifting Through the empty streets of my life Lingering memories Are silently starring passengers In the vessel Sailing across the fields of my heart The sounds of the quiet A colorful cloak Knitted To insulate me from my feelings Loose golden chains Shattered across Binding My world

The Heart

Walk through the fires Yet I survive somehow Been torn apart Scattered pieces of me everywhere And the scratches and scars Might never heal But beneath the blood They might start to fade Have so much to loose Besides my shattered faith May learn who to love And what to let go Might not get

Into the Deep (of Emotions)

With half of my life behind me, or even a bit more, I may be old or old-fashioned or just too old to understand. To me it seems some things got lost, things I remember to have been natural. While relationships have never been easy, I wonder haven’t we been more outspoken? In Berlin it’s

When the Soul Grows a Room

What is it that makes us like someone or not? Fall in love? Get along? I often hear people say it takes time, the time to get to know each other as well as common interests. Sounds reasonable. But then… Last night I dreamed of Kate. In my dream I came back to her Upper

Better Be Safe Than Sorry

Better be safe than sorry – that’s the best headline I can give to my latest trip. In fact, more a motto. Though this was never intended the trip brought me to some of my limits. And while I certainly don’t need that kind of experience again I’m grateful I had it as it told

When The Heart Grows Roots

I’ve always loved to travel. I guess it’s in my blood. There must be a gene that links me to the Berber. It probably runs in the family as my sister and her kids have it too, this need to leave and to go out into the world, to see with our own eyes and

Fear Is No Argument

Here I am, in this rather unfamiliar place. I’ve come this far and now I stand at the age of the cliff blindfolded and don’t know if I’m able to jump. All of a sudden I lost my selfconfidence. All these years that I’ve worked and learned and strived to become the writer I yesterday

The Sky Is The Limit

A place for desire, an object of longing, a thing that symbolizes what you wish for – don’t we all have that? Some keep it a secret while some of us may talk about it so much that others tire of it. But somewhere deep in our hearts I’m sure it lives within each of

Touching The Roe Deer

You are either wolf or sheep. Did anyone ever tell you that? Did it make you wonder which side you’re on? Were you unable to decide, not finding yourself in those categories? What does it mean anyway? That we are either predator or prey? As if there’s only good and evil, black and white? I,