The Sky Is The Limit

A place for desire, an object of longing, a thing that symbolizes what you wish for – don’t we all have that? Some keep it a secret while some of us may talk about it so much that others tire of it. But somewhere deep in our hearts I’m sure it lives within each of

Touching The Roe Deer

You are either wolf or sheep. Did anyone ever tell you that? Did it make you wonder which side you’re on? Were you unable to decide, not finding yourself in those categories? What does it mean anyway? That we are either predator or prey? As if there’s only good and evil, black and white? I,

Lost Not Found

So entangled And bound Under water Not drowned Cut to pieces And frayed So dissolved In the haze Broken mirrored Colored shards Lost the heart Swimming with sharks Bites of love Acid tears Wear your name In my scars Broken soul Floats in sand Grab my future With bare hands You are gold In my

Things We Do For Love

How far would you go for what you believe is your huge happiness? For who you believe is that missing part of you? For the one and only? Would you kill, steal, beg and lie? Would you say “to hell with all consequence”? Would you listen to your heart even if all common sense and


Swallowed by your eyes I’m drowned In your blood I am kept I’m chained I’m lost In that vastness Of you    I may thrash I may run I may scream Or stand still You won’t let go Without Holding me    I’m not heard I’m not seen I’m that ghost There within So devoured

The Grand Cru of Feelings

Not long ago I had the daughter of a friend stay over. She’s 15 and obviously relationships are occupying her mind in a yet unknown way. We were cooking together and all of a sudden, amongst steem rising from the wok, vegetables thrown in hissing, she asked me ” how do you know you are

As Different As Alike

Social networks have changed more than some of our ways of communication. They have provided a platform to get in touch with people we would probably never meet otherwise, especially when we live on different continents and share nothing more than a special interest in a subject. But here we are one day, chatting on