Is Always Being Tough So Smart?

You can achieve anything. You just have to will it and be persistent. Only the tough ones go far. Don’t cry, fight… The mantras of our time. And while of course most of this is true should we deny that there are drawbacks? Some of them even so severe that we have to bow to

The Good Thing about Heartbreak

It’s a good thing to get your heart broken. It’s even better if you got lost in a one way street where you’ve never been meant to be in the first place. No? In the course of a long life our hearts break more than once. Be it some talent we lack for a thing

Following the Beduine’s Trail

Can you go into the desert and come back unchanged? What will you find even if you’re not looking for anything? What kind of experience will it be? The wind coming from the desert mountains and racing across the open fields is more a storm than anything else. It blows you sideways, carries so much

The Desert’s call to a Beduine’s Blood

The desert is calling. In fact, it’s calling me since many years, since in childhood days I heard some tales of my great-grandmother, that strong and secretive woman who refused to unveil her past. I remember one day seeing a picture of her and thinking, with a sharp intake of breath, “this is how I

Into the Deep (of Emotions)

With half of my life behind me, or even a bit more, I may be old or old-fashioned or just too old to understand. To me it seems some things got lost, things I remember to have been natural. While relationships have never been easy, I wonder haven’t we been more outspoken? In Berlin it’s

When the Soul Grows a Room

What is it that makes us like someone or not? Fall in love? Get along? I often hear people say it takes time, the time to get to know each other as well as common interests. Sounds reasonable. But then… Last night I dreamed of Kate. In my dream I came back to her Upper

When The Heart Grows Roots

I’ve always loved to travel. I guess it’s in my blood. There must be a gene that links me to the Berber. It probably runs in the family as my sister and her kids have it too, this need to leave and to go out into the world, to see with our own eyes and

Touching The Roe Deer

You are either wolf or sheep. Did anyone ever tell you that? Did it make you wonder which side you’re on? Were you unable to decide, not finding yourself in those categories? What does it mean anyway? That we are either predator or prey? As if there’s only good and evil, black and white? I,