Think you know me

Think you know me and be wrong a million times. That’s what I’d want to tell you. And of the beauty when it all comes crashing down on me. Of moments in the shadows so vulnerably sheltered. Of all the times I watched you walk away. Just walk away. If I could I’d tell you […]

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This Story That Never Was

So much left unsaid in this story that never was, the life, the love unlived. All those things I should never have said. All those things I almost said and then didn’t. All the mistakes, misunderstandings, misleadings, misplacements, mis… All that was missed. Is missed. Will forever be missed. The opportunity that wasn’t sized. The

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The Blank Page

You can’t edit a blank page. But that’s what happens when someone pulls that disappearing act on us, we’re left with a blank page. It’s the same with someone who simply goes silent on you. Someone you share a story with in which the end isn’t written and will never be. Someone who decided to

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Silence speaks the Truth

Can any noise be as loud as silence? This hollow gap screaming to be filled, the static ringing in our ears, the expectation knocking at our door, the echo of fear marching in our soul? Unforgivingly sharp, silence speaks the truth. Sometimes it does it loud and clear but not always. It may come in

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Dare to Love Ms. Not-Perfect

I’m Ms. not-perfect, a misfit, a rebel with a cause. I grew up to the sermon “you’ll never get anywhere, you’re no good, you won’t achieve a thing”. It took me half a life to understand that these words repeatedly spoken by my father were rooted in his own sad and punishing feeling of inadequacy,

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