A Heart Capsized

You’re the end of me and my beginning You’re my past, my future, my present The breath that fills my lungs The blood that floods my veins The tears that drown my heart The light that dances in my eyes You’re my all, my nothing My heart, my mind, my soul You’re all I am

Gefangen in Dir

Bin gefangen in dir, so verrannt, so verloren Bin gekentert im Sturm und doch nicht ertrunken Hab die Wüste durchquert, ohne dich je zu finden Und die Sterne gezählt, hinter Wolken verborgen Muscheln gesucht und nur Treibholz gefunden Dir ein Schloss gebaut, ist im Treibsand versunken Galaxien durchflogen, am Himmelstor hielt ich Wacht Hab dich

Quantum Entanglement

A dawn that won’t break A day that won’t come A move she won’t make The chain not undone A decision she’ll never take Consequences on the run Hope as frail as a flake Burn the bridge, hold your tongue A chapter unwritten All pages unturned Two souls unforgiven Suspended in love    

The Fields of My Heart

Twenty one grams of soul Red dripping icebergs Drifting Through the empty streets of my life Lingering memories Are silently starring passengers In the vessel Sailing across the fields of my heart The sounds of the quiet A colorful cloak Knitted To insulate me from my feelings Loose golden chains Shattered across Binding My world

The Heart

Walk through the fires Yet I survive somehow Been torn apart Scattered pieces of me everywhere And the scratches and scars Might never heal But beneath the blood They might start to fade Have so much to loose Besides my shattered faith May learn who to love And what to let go Might not get

Lost Not Found

So entangled And bound Under water Not drowned Cut to pieces And frayed So dissolved In the haze Broken mirrored Colored shards Lost the heart Swimming with sharks Bites of love Acid tears Wear your name In my scars Broken soul Floats in sand Grab my future With bare hands You are gold In my


Swallowed by your eyes I’m drowned In your blood I am kept I’m chained I’m lost In that vastness Of you    I may thrash I may run I may scream Or stand still You won’t let go Without Holding me    I’m not heard I’m not seen I’m that ghost There within So devoured


My life has been through a typhoon I’ll never be the one I’ve known And though I know I can’t have you I recognize I can’t let go You cast amazement onto my soul Some puzzled knowing walks in my heart So filled with feeling I can’t contain Bursting with all that can’t be said


              Crossing shadowy waters All wrapped in night So lightly on the sails of silence So misty on the wings of time   Just a mere presence Hovering in the haze Am I allowed to touch, to hold Am I the one who will get hurt   Insomnia is


My shattered self So unconscious for words Skates on the thrill Slides on the ache On my island of hope Looks fear in the heart Holds yearning that close Blindfolds the mind Strips to the bone Trades soul for a sin And the power within Overwrites right and wrong Ices longing with a tune Makes