Things We Do For Love

How far would you go for what you believe is your huge happiness? For who you believe is that missing part of you? For the one and only? Would you kill, steal, beg and lie? Would you say “to hell with all consequence”? Would you listen to your heart even if all common sense and

A Writer At The End Of Her Rope

I might never again write any word of fiction. I deeply love words, to put them together, shuffle them around, polish, make them glow and shine. I love to tell stories, to create characters, to live with them, to see them evolve and then give them the freedom to leave me and wander off to

The Grand Cru of Feelings

Not long ago I had the daughter of a friend stay over. She’s 15 and obviously relationships are occupying her mind in a yet unknown way. We were cooking together and all of a sudden, amongst steem rising from the wok, vegetables thrown in hissing, she asked me ” how do you know you are

Castles on Quicksand

We all have wishes. Some are not really important, some are strong. Some are fulfilled, some never see the light of day because we keep them in a secret place stored far from anyone to see. Some we are even ashamed of. Wishes make us go on and strive. They let us evolve. And they

The Trap of Judged Experience

Did you ever get lost in the spiraling your own thoughts can do? When they put your mind on a roller coaster that finally has the capacity to fragment something you have been so sure off? That can put you out at sea in the storm with no captain on board and no compass to

The Magic of our Energy

Are we energy? Do we send out vibes so strong someone else can feel them even from a vast distance? Is it possible that two people share a spiritual link? And if so do both feel it? And how come? The one person I would want to ask that, trusting she knows and would tell

How close are we from afar?

What if the fun suddenly stops on social media networks and a strange reality takes over? What if we are confronted with personal tragedy? Maybe even death? Not of a celebrity or someone we don’t know. No, someone we meet on the internet every day. This sounds theoretical to you? Then, step into my shoes.