This Story That Never Was

So much left unsaid in this story that never was, the life, the love unlived. All those things I should never have said. All those things I almost said and then didn’t. All the mistakes, misunderstandings, misleadings, misplacements, mis… All that was missed. Is missed. Will forever be missed. The opportunity that wasn’t sized. The […]

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Birgit und Heike im Fahrstuhl

The Bleeding Heart

Who would have thought that it’s not the amount of time you spent together that matters in the end? The bleeding heart knows. At least mine does. Since early childhood death is a constant companion in my life. I’ve lost all the family I ever had to it. And I know no matter how tenacious

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Love in the Air

Love Letter

I love you All of you And I can feel You tense now Disbelieving But it’s true All of me loves all of you Not just your Brilliant mind Breathtaking wit Glittering humor Vast kindness Luminous generosity Burning silence The firm line of your jaw Depths of your eyes Curve of your lips Tenderness of

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The Blank Page

You can’t edit a blank page. But that’s what happens when someone pulls that disappearing act on us, we’re left with a blank page. It’s the same with someone who simply goes silent on you. Someone you share a story with in which the end isn’t written and will never be. Someone who decided to

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It’s just a Cat

It’s just a cat. It’s not. It’s Leroy. It’s a family member. It’s  the compassionate friend with the soulful eyes who could never bear anyone suffer. It’s a never ending well of joy. It’s wet nose nudges, head rubs, purrs and shoves. It’s the cat that talked and talked and talked. It’s the cat that

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Standing Still

Sometimes I come across something on the internet that makes me think. Like that picture of someone standing still in front of a sort of maschine with many buttons and lamps and the advice to keep your hands in the pocket if you don’t know which button to push. And maybe what started my thoughts

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A Heart Capsized

You’re the end of me and my beginning You’re my past, my future, my present The breath that fills my lungs The blood that floods my veins The tears that drown my heart The light that dances in my eyes You’re my all, my nothing My heart, my mind, my soul You’re all I am

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