Looking Death in the Eye

Death is part of life. Maybe the part we fear the most. So, what happens to us when we can’t ignore its existence anymore? When we have to deal with losing a loved one? When it’s our own mother and death bares its teeth, letting us know „you’re next in line“? How can we cope? …

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Into the Deep (of Emotions)

With half of my life behind me, or even a bit more, I may be old or old-fashioned or just too old to understand. To me it seems some things got lost, things I remember to have been natural. While relationships have never been easy, I wonder haven’t we been more outspoken? In Berlin it’s …

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Better Be Safe Than Sorry

Better be safe than sorry – that’s the best headline I can give to my latest trip. In fact, more a motto. Though this was never intended the trip brought me to some of my limits. And while I certainly don’t need that kind of experience again I’m grateful I had it as it told …

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