The Blank Page

You can’t edit a blank page. But that’s what happens when someone pulls that disappearing act on us, we’re left with a blank page. It’s the same with someone who simply goes silent on you. Someone you share a story with in which the end isn’t written and will never be. Someone who decided to

It’s just a Cat

It’s just a cat. It’s not. It’s Leroy. It’s a family member. It’s  the compassionate friend with the soulful eyes who could never bear anyone suffer. It’s a never ending well of joy. It’s wet nose nudges, head rubs, purrs and shoves. It’s the cat that talked and talked and talked. It’s the cat that


Ein Wohlfühlbuch und sehr schön zu lesen. Mir haben einige Passagen besonders gut gefallen. z.B. “Die verlorenen Jahre hingen in der Luft, ein elektrisches Gas, unsichtbar, aber es kribbelte auf der Haut.” und “Für sie war ihr Vater ein leeres Haus, das sie nur mit verbundenen Augen betreten hatte.” zum Beitrag auf


Standing Still

Sometimes I come across something on the internet that makes me think. Like that picture of someone standing still in front of a sort of maschine with many buttons and lamps and the advice to keep your hands in the pocket if you don’t know which button to push. And maybe what started my thoughts


I turned out the Light

Last night I turned out the light. It was a long way I had walked to get there, full of hope and mistreatment, loyalty and decay. And love. Because in the end it’s all about love. Last night I turned out the light, and today I’m left with a hollowness, a void, an absence. The

In the long run I’m Irresistable

I still remember that one scene in “As Good as It Gets” in which Jack Nicholson said “in the long run I’m irresistable”. I remember how I was stunned and laughed at the same moment. And how I thought that this might be the best statement I ever heard. Nicholson was playing the misanthropic author

A Heart Capsized

You’re the end of me and my beginning You’re my past, my future, my present The breath that fills my lungs The blood that floods my veins The tears that drown my heart The light that dances in my eyes You’re my all, my nothing My heart, my mind, my soul You’re all I am

Silence speaks the Truth

Can any noise be as loud as silence? This hollow gap screaming to be filled, the static ringing in our ears, the expectation knocking at our door, the echo of fear marching in our soul? Unforgivingly sharp, silence speaks the truth. Sometimes it does it loud and clear but not always. It may come in

Love is a Losing Game

Love is a losing game. As fragile and hurt Amy Winehouse sang this song, as much truth did she transport with it. All too often a love story is less Hollywood and more opera. No happy endings and walking into the sunset on a beautiful beach but hearts broken, sometimes even lives destroyed. It’s La